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Best ways to kill yourself

Best ways to kill yourself
Hello, I know everyone wants to escape from today’s difficult life. Therefore, we have brought the easiest ways to die, by using which you can easily die at home. For this, first of all, you have to find something poisonous in your house, like acid, and drink it in large quantities. Apart from this, there are many other poisonous medicines which can kill you instantly. Here is some list of poisons you should take to die instantly. Dimethyl mercury (Hg(CH3)2) Arsenic Atropine Strychnine Cyanide Thallium

How to commit sucide in Pakistan?

Aluminium phosphide (‘wheat pills’) was a preferred agent in North Punjab, whereas paraphenylenediamine (‘kala pathar’) was implicated in deaths by suicide from South Punjab. Urban areas had other means for suicide, including household chemicals, benzodiazepines, kerosene oil and rat poison.

Use Clostridium botulinum to die instantly

Clostridium botulinum is a bacterium that produces dangerous toxins (botulinum toxins) under low-oxygen conditions. Botulinum toxins are one of the most lethal substances known.
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